Over recent years as the lettings market has increased due to economic factors, my decorating business has seen an increase in the the volume of rental properties that I am asked to work on. Obviously, for new and established landlords, the return on investment from a property is of vital importance. This needs to be balanced with the property’s future capital growth. From my experience the key to all this is to secure a satisfied tenant who feels valued by the landlord.


I have no doubt that maintenance of a property is fundamental to achieving the balance between the landlord’s and tenant’s expectations. This will be determined by the landlord’s investment plans for the property.

Turning a Property into a Rental Property

Those new to the rental market often fall into the trap of thinking “the tenant will be happy with my property as it is.” If your property is below expected standards you may eventually find a tenant but if that property is not maintained adequately the tenant is likely to become a short term let and in 6 to 12 months it is likely you will be looking for a new tenant. This will incur cost and loss of rental.

If I were advertising a property on the rental market I would:

  • Firstly, remove all wallpaper
  • Put two coats of brilliant white vinyl matt emulsion on the ceilings
  • Put two coats of magnolia vinyl matt emulsion on the walls
  • Paint all the woodwork in brilliant white satin finish

NB: Whilst some landlords may prefer vinyl silk most tenants do not. Be aware that this could affect your ability to rent and retain a tenant.

Regular Maintenance

For those seeking a quick turn around of their property between tenants, once the property is at an acceptable standard, often all that is required is:

  • One coat of magnolia vinyl matt emulsion to the walls.

Further Advice

When turning a property into a rental property, or undertaking regular maintenance, the key to preventing loss of rental income is to give as much notice as possible to allow time to be pencilled into my diary.

I enjoy working closely with landlords and welcome the opportunity to work with others. If you would like to discuss your own requirements please do not hesitate to contact me:

Andy Strangeway

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