Services Available

In addition to hanging wallpaper, coving rooms and general painting during regular working hours, I am also available to work weekends if required.


Holiday Decorating

Approximately a third of the work I carry out is done whilst home owners are away on holiday. For the customer, this brings obvious advantages:

  • No disturbance whilst you are at home
  • No smells of paint
  • Returning refreshed from your holiday to a freshly decorated home
  • Additional security whilst you are away on holiday

House Sitting

For those customers who would like to have their decorating carried out whilst they are away on holiday, but feel they cannot due to windows being painted and left open to dry, I am happy to stay overnight in the room being decorated. This would cause no inconvenience to you as I would use my own inflatable mattress and sleeping bag.

Contact Details

Andy Strangeway


Mobile 07826 439 101

Static 01759 371 798