What To Expect

  • When I agree an appointment with you, if I am delayed for unforeseeable reasons by over 30 minutes, I will call you (subject to mobile reception) to apologise for the delay and to inform you of my expected time of arrival.
  • When I enter your home to discuss your decorating I will be happy to remove my foot wear if requested.
  • Firstly, I will ask you to give me an overview of the work you would like a quotation for. After which I will offer any relevant suggestions and/or advice.
  • If there are any questions you would like to ask, please don’t hesitate to ask me.
  • Next, I will offer you the option of:-
    • A quotation in the form of an attachment via email.
    • A printed quotation sent to you by post.
  • The price that I quote will be the price that I charge you, that is unless you add work and/or materials to the original quotation or delete work and/or materials from it.
  • I will inform you how many days I expect will be required to complete the work.
  • I most certainly do not approve of hard sell. Once I have given you my quotation, I will have no further contact with you unless you contact me.
  • The only piece of equipment that I will request use of will be your Hoover, so that I can maintain your home in the cleanest possible condition at all times throughout the decorating process.
  • If at any stage during the decorating process you would like to ask me any questions then please do.
  • Upon completion of the work, and once I know that you are satisfied with it, I will invoice you. I expect your payment upon completion. I will not take any payment from you before completion, unless by prior agreement.

Contact Details

Andy Strangeway

Email info@island-man.co.uk

Mobile 07826 439 101

Static 01759 371 798